O’Tom Tick Twister Pet Blister Pack


O’Tom Tick Twister Pet Blister Pack

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O’Tom Tick Twister, the ultimate tool for safe and efficient tick removal. Unlike tweezers and other instruments that can exert pressure on the tick, O’Tom Tick Twister is specifically designed to minimise the risk of infection and allergies by avoiding compression of the tick’s body during removal.

Key Features:

– Removes ticks by rotation, not pulling
– Designed by a veterinarian to consider the tick’s morphology
– Prevents saliva back-flow, reducing the risk of infections and allergies
– Removes ticks of any size from animals
– Enables quick and painless tick removal
– Doesn’t leave the tick’s rostrum in the skin
– Doesn’t squeeze the tick’s abdomen
– Doesn’t require any chemical products
– Comes in three different size hooks: Large, Small, and Micro

The O’Tom Tick Twister is available in convenient packs containing three tick removers, ensuring you have the right tool for the job whenever you need it. It’s unbreakable, hardwearing, and indefinitely reusable, making it a must-have addition to your pet care kit.


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