About Us

We know your dogs have unique roles in your families

At the Balanced Dog Company (BDC), we know your dog (or dogs) have unique roles in your family’s lives and, just like every dog, home and family dynamics are different, which is why with our guidance, insights and training we offer a tailored commitment to your family’s desires and goals for your dog.

Wouldn’t it be good if you were able to understand what your dog is trying to tell you?

Instead of wondering why they keep behaving in ways that embarrasses you, why they act the way they do.

Because we use the natural dog laws in what we do, we can help you achieve a connection that will give you the ability to live your life with your dog in every social environment, no matter where in the world.

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What we do

In our training courses

Reward based

We use reward based positive reinforcement to get your dog to behave they way they through incentivisation

Rules and boundaries

Rules, boundaries and limitations give your dog a clear understanding of what you expect from them

Enrichment activities

We use our extensively researched enrichment activities to improve your dog's own sense of wellbeing

Intentional Interactions

With intentional interactions your dog will learn how every engagement (or lack of) has a meaning

Social bonding

Through social bonding opportunities, with all breeds of dog, your dog will learn so much more about being a dog

Natural rituals

Using natural rituals, such as ‘Pack Walks’ in enriched areas, your dog is exposed to more of what is natural to a dog

"We have designed a fully supervised enriching programme to create a fun and educational place for your dog to learn, grow and reach their full potential"

- Kenny Martin
Our Technique

Our enriching programme

We have designed a fully supervised enriching programme to create a fun and educational place for dog(s) to learn, grow and reach their full potential by meeting their emotional, psychological, physical and social needs.

We especially like to work with dogs that have behavioural issues using dog psychology and behaviour correctional techniques, which are all used in a natural way as a ‘Pack Leader’ would.

We offer a broad array of services, including ‘human training’, or just a simple walk for your dog. We believe in teaching in a ‘natural process’ education to our customers to help them better understand their dog(s).

Our mission and pledge as ‘Pack Leaders’

  • Wellbeing

    To keep your dog happy, healthy and safe in our care.

  • Natural Enrichment

    To make sure your dog benefits from its natural surroundings when with us

  • Share our Expertise

    Guide you on how to connect and bond with your dog in a way they understand.

  • Train you... as your dog's trainer and companion

    Have the confidence in your abilities to have an active, fun and social life without worry.

Meet our Team

Good Team, Good People.

We are passionate about having well-rounded, well-balanced dogs living their best lives and fundamentally believe that all dogs have physical, social and mental drives and needs.

We are so excited to have our NEW commitment contract for you, where your dog can have these needs met.

At The BDC, our aim is to give owners and their dogs the best canine service possible. If there is something that your dog needs, that isn’t covered in our list of services, contact us to discuss your requirements.

Our clients are like family to us and we are here for them even after they no longer need our services.

Kenny Martin


Amanda Jane