Beaphar Calming Home Spray


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Beaphar Herbal Calming Home Spray – 125ml

Create a calming environment for your furry friends with Beaphar Herbal Calming Home Spray. Here’s why it’s the perfect solution for reducing stress and unwanted behaviour:

Key Features:

– Natural Calming Effect: Contains the natural herb valerian, known for its calming properties.
– Designed for Cat and Dog Households: Suitable for use on blankets, toys, pet bedding, and other items used by your pets.
– Helps Reduce Symptoms of Distress and Unwanted Behaviour: Effective against scratching, constant meowing or barking, spraying, and destructive behaviour.
– Suitable for Traveling: Can be used to spray your pet’s carrier or crate before a car journey.


Beaphar Herbal Calming Home Spray is formulated to alleviate symptoms of distress and unwanted behaviour in cats and dogs. From constant meowing or barking to destructive behaviour, this spray helps promote a sense of calm in your pet.

Ideal for use around the home and while traveling, it’s suitable for cat and dog households.

Instructions for Use:

– Preparation: Prior to use, test on an inconspicuous area of material for color fastness. Shake well before use.
– **Application**: Spray on areas where your cat or dog exhibits disruptive behavior, signs of stress, or general anxiety. You can also spray it on blankets, toys, and pet bedding to promote feelings of calm. Use it inside cat carriers or dog crates or on blankets before traveling in the car.


– Contents: 125ml
– Form: Spray
– Animal Type: Cat, Dog

Storage and Safety:

Store in a safe place. Once empty, dispose of the bottle in the household rubbish.

Create a tranquil environment for your pets with Beaphar Herbal Calming Home Spray. Order now for a happier, more relaxed home!


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