Vet’s Best Daily Soft Chews Adult


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Introducing Vet’s Best® Adult Daily Chews, specially formulated by Veterinarians to promote health and wellness in young dogs. These soft chews are packed with a powerful blend of natural ingredients, including Pre & Probiotics, Salmon Oil, Cod Liver Oil, and Ocean Kelp, all cold-pressed to preserve their goodness. Plus, they feature Real Tasty Duck for a delicious treat that’s perfect for rewarding good behaviour.

Key Features:

– Infused with Natural Ingredients
– Formulated by Veterinarians for young dogs from 12 weeks to 2 years
– Contains Real Duck, Salmon & Cod Liver Oils
– Perfect Training Rewards Rich in Omega-3
– Aids Active Joint & Mobility
– Provides Immune & Digestive Support
Supports Healthy Skin & Coat .
How to use:
– 1 chew daily. Provide lots of water.

Each soft chew offers targeted functions to support your young dog’s overall health and vitality. Whether it’s for training, joint health, immune support, or skin and coat care, Vet’s Best® Adult Daily Chews have got you covered.


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