Bugalugs Hydrating Detangling Spray


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Bugalugs Hydrating Detangling Spray

Tame unruly hairs and make grooming a breeze with Bugalugs Hydrating Detangling Spray. Our light, gentle, and nourishing formula not only detangles stubborn knots but also enhances shine, leaving your dog’s coat silky smooth.

Key Features:

– Effective Detangling: Tames unruly hairs and detangles knots with ease.
– Hydrating & Nourishing: Gentle formula that hydrates and nourishes the coat.
– Enhances Shine: Leaves fur silky and smooth with a healthy shine.
– pH Balanced: Formulated to be gentle on your pet’s skin.
– Vegan & Cruelty-Free: Ethical, gentle, and made in the UK.
– Universal Suitability: Perfect for all breeds and puppies over 8 weeks old.


No more bad hair days with Bugalugs Hydrating Detangling Spray! Perfect for taming unruly hairs and making grooming easier, our light and gentle spray hydrates and nourishes the coat, leaving it silky smooth and shiny.

Bugalugs Hydrating Detangling Spray is pH balanced and specifically designed to tackle stubborn knots, making the fur more manageable. Our vegan and cruelty-free formula is suitable for all breeds and puppies over 8 weeks old, ensuring your dog’s coat stays healthy and beautiful.

How to Use:

– Wet Hair: After shampooing, lightly mist the detangling spray over your dog’s fur, avoiding eyes, nose, and ears. Gently unlock knots and tangles with a detangling brush suitable for the breed. No rinsing needed.
– Dry Hair: Spray directly onto dry fur in a light mist. Tease out knots and tangles, working from the ends to the roots. No rinsing needed.


– Aqua (Water)
– Phenoxyethanol
– Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein
– Cetrimonium Chloride
– Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate
– Citric Acid
– Ethylhexylglycerin
– Sodium Benzoate


– Natural and Safe: Made with naturally derived ingredients, free from harmful additives.
– Coat Health: Promotes a healthy, shiny coat and soothes the skin.
– Easy Application: Simple spray for quick and effective detangling.
– Long-Lasting Smoothness: Keeps your dog’s coat looking smooth and well-groomed.

For a complete grooming routine, pair with our Bugalugs range of shampoos and conditioners. Order Bugalugs Hydrating Detangling Spray today and keep your furry friend looking their best every day!


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