Bugalugs Antiseptic Hot Spot Spray – 200ml


Bugalugs Antiseptic Hot Spot Spray – 200ml

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Key Features:

– Advanced Formula: Utilises hypochlorous acid, a natural compound produced by your pet’s immune system to combat infections.
– Dermatologically Tested: Gentle and hypoallergenic, suitable for all skin types.
– Multi-Purpose: Anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal, effectively killing harmful pathogens and germs.
– pH Balanced: Ensures compatibility with your pet’s skin, containing no alcohol, preservatives, or fragrance.
– Versatile Application: Can be used around sensitive areas like the mouth, ears, nose, and on various animals including dogs, cats, horses, birds, and reptiles.


Bugalugs Antiseptic Hot Spot Spray provides instant relief for your pet’s itchy and irritated skin caused by pests or allergies. Our fast-acting, hypoallergenic formula soothes and cares for a variety of skin issues, including sores, irritation, itching, scratches, disinfection, allergies, cuts, grazes, and insect bites.

Tested and approved by vets, our product complies with UK BPR & EU 528/2012 standards and is independently tested to ensure effectiveness against various pathogens. Keep your pet healthy and protected with our Antiseptic Range, designed to provide optimal care for your furry companion.

Instructions for Use:

– Application: Spray liberally onto the affected area at least twice daily and allow to dry naturally. Prevent your pet from licking the area for one minute after application. Can also be applied to dressings.
– Safety Precautions: Discontinue use if irritation occurs and contact your veterinarian. Keep out of reach of children.


– Active Ingredients: <5% Active chlorine released from hypochlorous acid, Aqua
– No Rinse Formula: Convenient and hassle-free application.

Keep your pet’s skin healthy and protected with Bugalugs Antiseptic Hot Spot Spray. Order now for a happier, itch-free pet!


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