Aqueos Spray On Plaster – 200ml


Aqueos Spray On Plaster – 200ml

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AQUEOS Spray on Plaster is an award-winning formulation, essential for any animal or pet owner’s first aid kit. It provides bandage-like protection on cuts and minor wounds, ensuring your pet’s well-being.

Ideal for regular use, this spray forms an elastic, air-permeable silver covering, protecting cuts and minor wounds from dirt, water, and germs. It promotes the natural healing process while providing a barrier of protection. It lasts for several days and can be reapplied as needed, even if your pet attempts to lick the area covered.

Perfect for mishaps during walks, horse riding, or any other activities, AQUEOS Spray on Plaster is a must-have for pet owners.

Key Features:
– Effective micronised spray forming a silver aluminium film on the treated area
– Unique formulation protecting minor cuts and grazes from dirt, water, and bacteria
– Bandage-like protection promoting and aiding the natural healing process
– Elastic and permeable to air with excellent adhesive properties
– Easy to apply to awkward areas
– Stays in place while the wound heals
– Lasts for several days (reapplication required if removed by pet through licking)
– Keeps flies away from cuts and sarcoids in the summer
– Easy-to-use aerosol spray formula

Always read safety instructions, leaflets, and/or packaging before use. While every care is taken to ensure product images, nutritional information, and stated features are correct, these may vary slightly depending on manufacturer changes. Should you have any concerns regarding use or effectiveness of this product, please contact the manufacturer directly. Always ensure access to clean, fresh water for your pet and discard any damaged or defective items to keep your pet safe and healthy.

With AQUEOS Spray on Plaster, ensure your pet receives the care they need for cuts and minor wounds, anytime, anywhere.


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