Simple Solution Disposable Diaper


Simple Solution Disposable Diaper

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Simple Solution Disposable Female Dog Diapers – the ultimate solution for keeping your home clean and your furry friend comfortable. We’ve revamped our design for an even better fit and added features to make diapering easier than ever before.

A Tailored Fit: Our new adjustable sizes ensure a perfect fit for female dogs with a waist size of 12-19 inches. The stretchable fabric snugly wraps around your pet, providing both comfort and security.

Absorbent and Leak-Proof: With a super absorbent core and leak-proof barriers, these diapers lock in moisture and prevent any mess from escaping. Your dog can move freely, thanks to the stretch waistband protection, while staying dry and clean.

Mess-Free Guarantee: Say goodbye to accidents on the floor! Our diapers feature a leak-proof fit that allows your dog to move around without any worries. The tail-hole and extra-long wings ensure a secure fit, even on the most active pups.

Fur-Friendly Design: Removing and attaching the diaper is a breeze, thanks to our Fur-Friendly Fasteners®. Designed with your dog’s comfort in mind, these fasteners keep the diaper in place without getting tangled in your pet’s fur.

Comfort and Confidence: Your female dog will stay relaxed and mess-free with the superior mobility provided by our small diapers. The wetness indicator lets you know exactly when it’s time for a change, ensuring maximum comfort for your pet.

For male dogs, check out our Simple Solution Disposable Male Wraps.

Instructions for Use:
1. Slip the diaper hole over your pet’s tail with the tabs underneath and padding facing in.
2. Position the diaper between the back legs and snug against your pet’s underbelly.
3. Secure the adjustable tabs on the top portion of the diaper.
4. Let your pet enjoy freedom without any worries.

For the Best Fit: . Waist size
– Toy: 9″ – 14″
– Small: 12” – 19″
– Medium: 15″ – 23″
– Large/Extra Large 18″ – 27″
– Extra Extra Large 22″ – 37″

*For dogs in-between sizes, size up for optimal fit.*

Keep your home clean and your pet happy with Simple Solution Disposable Female Dog Diapers! 🐾

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