Bugalugs Wrinkle Cream


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Introducing Raw Aid for Cats & Dogs™, a high specification supplement designed to support cats and dogs thriving on a natural raw food diet.

Raw Aid provides 27 essential daily vitamins and minerals, including coconut meal, taurine, seaweed meal, and Omega 3, to ensure optimum health and performance. This grain-free formula contains choline to support cognitive health and is suitable for an 80-10-10 raw diet (meat, offal, and bone). Manufactured to Universal Feed Assurance Scheme (UFAS) standards, Raw Aid comes in easy-to-feed 2mm pellets.

– Provides 27 essential vitamins and minerals for daily health maintenance.
– Supports cats and dogs on a natural raw food diet.
– Contains coconut meal, taurine, seaweed meal, and Omega 3 for optimum health.
– Includes choline to support cognitive health.
– 100% grain-free and non-GM, soya-free formulation.

Daily Feeding Recommendation:
– Simply mix with your cat or dog’s raw feed diet.
– Suitable for all cats and dogs regardless of age, size, or activity level.
– For continued support, feed Raw Aid daily.
– Very digestible 2mm pellets.

– Store in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight.
– 1 Measure (Included) = 10gm.

Feeding Guide:
– Small (up to 15kg): 1/2 Measure (5gm) per day
– Medium (16 – 30kg): 1 Measure (10gm) per day
– Large (31 – 45kg): 2 Measures (20gm) per day
– X-Large (Over 45kg): 3 Measures (30gm) per day

For cats:
– All Cats: 1/2 Measure (5gm) per day

Please ensure proper storage and follow the feeding recommendations for optimal results.


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