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NEW & IMPROVED HALTI HEAD-COLLAR! This 5th generation Halti has some exciting modifications and new packaging making it the very best head-collar available, recommended by vets and animal experts worldwide. It is easy to see why Halti is the best-selling head-collar around the globe! If you have a large powerful dog or one that pulls on the lead, you will know how difficult dog walks can be. Dogs of all sizes can pull on the lead which can be dangerous to them and their owners. The Halti Head-collar was designed by Dr Roger Mugford to solve this problem.  Its revolutionary design is based on the same principle as a horse’s head-collar, if you guide the head the body will follow, and all Halti no pull products have this front control feature. Halti will help you train your dog not to pull and provides maximum control for even the strongest pullers. Each Halti comes complete with a free Halti safety link.  To get the best possible control, use with the double clip Halti Training Lead.

What the Pro's think!

This product has been tried & tested all over the world with mostly successful results. Easy to fit and use. Ideal for pullers, dogs that come with their own T&C’s and large breeds. If you are struggling, please seek professional help.


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