Beaphar CaniComfort Calming Diffuser


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Beaphar CaniComfort® Calming Diffuser & Plug for Dogs – 48ml

Is your dog prone to stress from thunderstorms, fireworks, or being left alone? Beaphar CaniComfort® Calming Diffuser & Plug is here to provide continuous calming for your furry friend, using scientifically recognised pheromone technology. Here’s why it’s perfect for your dog:

Key Features:

– Versatile Stress Relief: Ideal for any stressful situation in the home, including loud noises, separation anxiety, family gatherings, and more.
– Pheromone Technology: Contains a copy of the Dog Appeasing Pheromone (DAP), naturally produced by mother dogs to reassure their puppies. This pheromone promotes feelings of reassurance and well-being in all dogs.
– Eases Separation Anxiety: Helps calm dogs experiencing separation anxiety, reducing unwanted behaviours like barking, destructive chewing, and excessive licking.
– Long-Lasting Comfort: Provides continuous calming for up to 30 days with continual use, covering an area up to 70m². Refill the diffuser every 30 days for optimal performance.
– Easy-to-Use: Simply plug the diffuser into any 230V socket in the room your dog spends most of their time.

Instructions for Use:

1. Place the diffuser in the room your dog spends most of their time.
2. Use continuously without switching off, even when leaving the house or overnight.
3. Replace the refill reservoir with a new Beaphar CaniComfort® 30 Day Refill after 30 days or when empty.
4. Use one diffuser per 70m² of space.
5. Avoid using near open windows/doors or drafts, as this may reduce effectiveness.


Ingredients: Dog Appeasing Pheromone analogue, Isoparaffinic Hydrocarbon q.s.

Ensure your dog feels safe and secure in any situation with Beaphar CaniComfort® Calming Diffuser & Plug. Order now and provide your dog with the continuous comfort they deserve!


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